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Date and Day


January 10,  Sunday Greenfield Gospel Chapel
January 17, Sunday 6pm AWANA's Bethany
March 13, Sunday Lyman Assembly
March 20, Sunday Greenfield Gospel Chapel
March 29, Tuesday 7pm New Hartford Sing and Gospel Mtg
May 1, Sunday Greenfield Gospel Chapel
May 8, Sunday Lyman Assembly
June 5, Sunday Lyman Assembly
June 11, Saturday 8 am Bethany Prayer Breakfast
June 12, Sunday AM Cedar Rapids Bible Chapel
June 26, Sunday AM Bethany Bible Chapel
July 10, Sunday Greenfield Gospel Chapel
August 7, Sunday Lyman Assembly
August 28, Sunday PM Bethany Bible Chapel
September 3 and 4 Minneapolis Labor Day Conference
September 10 and11 Atlantic, Ia Conference
September 18, Sunday Greenfield Gospel Chapel
September 25, Sunday PM Bethany Awana bon fire lesson
October 2, Sunday Lyman Assembly
October 9, Sunday PM Bethany Bible Chapel
October 16, Sunday PM Bethany Bible Chapel
October 23, Sunday PM Bethany Awana lesson
October 30, Sunday Northeast Gospel Chapel
November 6, Sunday Greenfield Gospel Chapel
November 13, Sunday PM Bethany Awana lesson
December 4, Sunday Lyman Assembly
In addition, I have a couple of Bible studies during the week