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What does it mean to be "rich toward God?"


You have asked a question about what it means to be "rich toward God".  Of course the quote is from Luke 12:21, "So is he that layeth up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward God."  The rich man that had his pension plan in order but who had not prepared for eternity was not "rich toward God" but was rich in this life.  He was a fool.  I take it he was not saved.

The interpretation would mean that we should prepare for eternity before we prepare for this life.  We should live for eternity and not for this life.  Of course, we should recognize that earthly goods will have earthly blessing but spiritual endeavors will reap spiritual blessing.  The sermon on the mount makes it clear that we should lay up treasure in heaven rather than treasure on earth.  We do that by using our resources to please the Lord and advance the Gospel rather than by using them on self. 

I am a CPA and I could be relatively wealthy but instead I sold my business to preach the Gospel.   I am nearing retirement, and I have invested all that I have in the Lord's work.  We are not poor by your standards in the "third world" and we have never gone without a meal but many people who could be a help to us and who could help us advance our work, do not have a vision for it.  And I am sure that you feel that the US could supply your needs as well and that they don't do it.  But remember, if we are short on funds, since we work for the Lord, we need to ask Him for our resources.  We are not better than the
Lord who did not "have a place to lay his head." 

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